Kemal Tulum

Computer Engineer & Entrepreneur

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About Me

A motivated, productive and hardworking computer engineer, eager to learn and cooperating well within a team. Willing to make use of his academic knowledge in business life with a more practical approach.

I have been graduated from Computer Engineering department at Boğaziçi University, located in İstanbul Turkey. I am actively improving myself with freelance jobs and self projects, with the desire of pursuing a Master degree in one of the best universities around the World.


Boğaziçi University IT Club - Compec

Organization Director & Board Member

Responsible with the pioneer events of the club, Boğaziçi TechSummit, e-Founder, Boğaziçi DataCamp and Hack Boğaziçi, also involved in Boğaziçi Bilişim Ödülleri, PlayIT and TeknoDolu projects.

Software Developer Intern

Responsible with the development of backend and API integrations. PHP Laravel (the framework Sociality is built on), Docker, Trello (for product management), BitBucket are tools and concepts I utilized during the internship.


Software Developer

Development of Carla web site and Android app, SEO and marketting strategies, supplier integrations. Deciding on new features and technologies in terms of technical and marketing perspectives. Working on UX design in both, internal and external, ways. I worked on various enhancements on Carla web application and implemented internal tools and APIs utilized by the team.

Boğaziçi University IT Club - Compec

Boğaziçi TechSummit'18 Team Leader

Boğaziçi TechSummit is one of the biggest events of Boğaziçi University contributed by more than 40 tech companies and hosting more than 300 students. I was the leader of the team or- ganizing the event. I was responsible with all the aspects of the event, company sponsorships, advertisement, program arrangement, the accommodation of attendees and the cooperation of the team comprising of 25 amateur students. The event was featured on TV channels and popular journals in Turkey. Find the details of the event on

Growth & Marketing Intern


SambaPos is a Restaurant Operating System. MetriK is the mobile application for SambaPos. We, as a team, worked on the growth and adoption of MetriK app. Due to delays in the release process, the team was deactivated until MetriK app is live. This was a good experience for me understanding the importance of the management of teams within a startup.

Software Engineer Intern


Web application project of Carla, car rental app of the company, (live at using a modern framework Angular2 including also PWA features. Experience with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Supplier integrations with car rental brokers using Java Spring in backend. Android application development adding new features to Carla Android app. Getting familiarity with Github, SEO strategies, analytics tools (Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics), Eclipse, Android Studio

Active Member

Boğaziçi University IT Club - Compec

Actively participated in Corporate Communications and TechSummit’17 teams. I contacted with several companies and professsional on behalf of my club.


Boğaziçi University

Sept 2014 - June 2019<

Computer Engineering

Bursa Nilüfer Ahmet Erdem Anatolian High School

Sept 2010 - June 2014

Honors & Awards

Pisano Hackathon

1st place, We implemented React Web App, Reach Native Apps and NodeJS Backend. Our project is Evrakİşim enabling people to search on the requirements of different documents and formal procedures. The system provides graphics for easily understanding the neccessary steps on handy tasks like getting visa, job application for abroad. The knowledge base will be provided by the people that experienced the same processes before.

Seeds For The Future Huawei

I was one of the 10 students from Turkey going to China with the program. The elimination process includes live interview on Onedio social media channels with Turkish journalist Cem Seymen. The program consisted of Beijing and Shenzen cultural tours, Chinese and Calligraphy education, Huawei Head Quarter visit, technical training on Telecommunication and related concepts.

Accenture Digital Hackathon İstanbul

3th place, We worked on one of the themes of the hackathon, sustainability. Our project addressed the problem of food waste offering the prevention of excess food production, which will probably be wasted, utilizing gamification and machine learning concepts.

Here you can find the web application we developed for this hackathon

Invent Analytics, Compec Hackathon & Algorithm Challenge

We worked on the given data of an unknown company on its two-year sales statistics and try to forecast its future sales. Another task was to predict five product groups analyzing the data. Finally, we came up with the ideas to interpret our work into real-life business models.

Boğaziçi University Techsummit’17 Compec&IBM Hackathon

1st place* , The topic of the hackathon was "preventing violence and harrasment".
*There were three winners in the hackathon, my team is one of them.


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